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My first ever Rock EP★this short album of songs all written by me



The brand new Rock EP + 8x10 glossy signed with an extra special note from me



EP + Glossy + T-Shirt to wear your happiness and show your support and love of the music



Past peak musical offerings combined with all of the above★ you'll get the best of the best singles and tracks bundled with 1 through 3, plus the original OLD SCHOOL NEW SOUND poster and album (2006 showcase)



Check this out!! All of you who kept asking for the stuff that's unheard, the tracks that are unreleased, the albums that are being held back here's your chance, never offered before !!! All 10 albums plus all unreleased tracks from those sessions, bundled with 1 through 4. Please understand, this may be the ONLY chance to capture these for your listening pleasure. IT'S THE ENTIRE CAREER in song!!!! Add three more shirts in this one for good measure!



Just want the music, no problem! The entire music listed in 1 through 5, in Digital ★ personally emailed to you by me. This leaves no shipping and less delay. Plus I will send a digital copy of the New Rock HeadShot!!



How about the ★music only★ in hardcopy and none of the swag? Sure, you get it, you'll get it!



A full circle offering in #8 ★ in perfect timing. This bundle is all of the above, plus items from my past concert events including the celebrity events. You will get posters and VIP/ALL ACCESS passes to cherish and remind you of what my walk was like back then★what it took to get me to where I am today. Only 10 of these



Love music showcases? Love TR ? Here's your chance to capture all that is left from his 3 career showcase events in Nashville Tennessee. Throwing in some digital images to be personally emailed to you. This package includes the music EP's (from these events only) and many print items. Never to be issued again. There were less than 1000 originally made★ Only 10 of these bundles left on Earth!! Don't miss this sweet chance.



BaSS? really?? Yep★i wanted to learn bass★and did not. STING, as some of you may know, is my favorite artist over all. Hence, the inspiration…yet, NOT the fact that I own 1 bass guitar. Back in the Bus days, I had my Silver Eagle rolling, and he was FULL of every piece of road gear and stage gear one could think of. It's a P-bass knock off★gorgeous deep sea aqua-teal. Of course I will sign it and include 1 through 5 and pieces of 8 and 9. I acquired TWO of these from Earl Thomas Conley's music director. The first one was given to a very young aspiring artist. You'll get the matching twin! Enjoy !!!



How fun would a live, private show be? Get a very intimate and personal House Concert in your very own home. Me and at least one of my guitar playing friends will come and give you the best of the best. 75 minute show tailored just for You! We will work out the rider details when you pre purchase. This can be the perfect moment in time for your friends and family to enjoy a special night (or day) with Me and the songs that made me.


(plus travel expenses to be determined prior to)


How about that upcoming Birthday Party, Wedding, or any other private moment that requires some sure enough rockin band energy. I will come with 3 pieces ★. and bake the paint off of your walls. .. or, shake the flowers out back!! Get a private concert in your space, and have the party event of the year!!! Make sure you get the neighbors approval, unless of course its easier to ask for forgiveness.


(plus rider and travel expenses to be determined prior to)


want to go ALL OUT? Koooool!! Not a problem! Me and at least one of my RocknRoll (or Country) friends of Celebrity will come to your place and raise the roof!! Their band and mine, not less than a 3 piece, at your place of choice (must be private). All details beyond prepayment will be discussed prior. This is not your typical deal. Me and a bonafide rock star wearing it out on your stage!!!


plus riders, travel, and RB


Want a piece of the action. How cool would it be to be to be an even bigger part of the success of my new walk in music. Get in on the front end OWN a part of the NEW ROCK EP. Intellectual property is where it's at. You'll get 1 through 5 plus 8 and 9, PLUS ★ 12 ★ .your very own private House Concert ! This is an excellent way to stay involved and capture your piece of the perpetual pie!



Intrigued with my story? Excited to be in and around the music?? Business minded your self?!? We have been looking for each other for a long time !! Let's get it Rockin'.. and NOW!! BUY my entire catalogue and become my publisher and partner in our Indie Label. Go all out and come all the way in to my picture. I'll make the music, you'll be ★ the man ★ . Meet and join my team. Ensure the world gets to experience all these wonderful and important messages that come through me. Sure, we will discuss details and explore in full. Just email me and let's talk shop!



Lifetime tickets. Speaks for its self. No questions asked. These will remain valid for yours or my lifetime. 2 laminates to get you and a sidekick into any public event I perform at. There is lots in the works in my world. You may be surprised at just how valuable this will become. I will honor these REGARDLESS of what band I may be in, or our status.


there will ONLY be ten of these available in this campaign


Heres the one some of you have been looking for. This is the deal of a lifetime. VIP ACCESS TO ME, no matter who I am playing with. A few of you know exactly what this means. This is for LIFETIME. It gets you IN THE PIT, it gets you backstage with ★ at least ★ me, it gets you not one, not two yet 4 lifetime VIP CONCERT LAMINATES. ENTRY FOR YOU AND THREE others for lifetime and access to the artist, ME.


there will ONLY be 5 of these allotted in this ten day campaign. Don't miss this opportunity to pre purchase what MAY NEVER BE available again.


Bringing it down a few notches, how about my first pair of custom boots. Black with neat red and white handy work. Themed around players cards. Thats right , the sacred geometry of chance. I'll throw in some digital images with me performing with them and so forth along with a few other happies



Cowboy hat huh? Yesir get you one!! My very first hat from my very first photo shoot. Gosh I look like a kid



I performed with Mark Collie for the North American Aboriginal Business and Industry council. This was technically the Indian Chiefs and their governing bodies from each North American Tribe. This event was in Santa Fe 2008. One of the most romantic towns ive seen yet. The Skinny is i found this gorgeous handcrafted hammered Rose Gold with brown quartz ring. And yep I bought it. You can find pictures from my Earl Thomas Conley tour with me wearing it.



There are a few offerings of Show Apparel. This is a very limited number naturally. I will release a handful of items like my Manuel shirt and some of the custom button downs from the showcases along with the pants.

Shirts are $500 and combos $1000

seems kind of obscure but hey those shows and that walk will NEVER be taken again. I have items from the JEFF BATES events EARL THOMAS CONLEY events and MARK COLLIE run. Any combination of these will include the memorabilia from the events. Again it is a VERY limited amount of Apparel
Choose Below


Getting into specifics heres your chance to grab an original print from My concert moments with JEFF BATES. I have only 50 street posters .




there are a few TR JB picture styled posters up for grabs. For the hard core fan it is a must. 11 available




I did a SOLD OUT event at PARTNERS in 2008 with JB. This venue was originally one of the Gilleys and the fact is it was the party house of the south in country music. Me and Jeff tore the house down. We had to turn away one third of its capacity. Dannys daughter said they sold every drop of drink in the entire house that night. A first ever. There are ONLY 3 official dated posters available. If you were there you will want one !!!



Dog Days event in Columbus MS was a success for the Humane socity. Not at that moment it happened yet in the few short years ahead the noise and racket we made got them the publicity and the push from the public they needed. Now they have a brand new state of the art building and we at least aided in the awareness thereof. Those who attended will remember our star studded line up boasting 7 acts including CrossinDixon and successful songwriter Troy Martin (George Strait #1). Me Jeff and Collie along with Mulberry and Jason Christopher. It was a blast and a great cause. This memorabilia package has some sweet graphics and a little wear and tear. Only 10 left




Me with my Country Music Hero Earl Thomas Conley. I got to do a short three date run with my biggest Country influence. This package will include laminates from the run, images never released and pictures I took my self. To me this is a very personal offering. We also had Country Star Mark Collie who you may recognize from the movie The Punisher. Ive bundled whats left of the best and added some sweet unreleased pieces to this one. You'll even get the ETC songs I cut. There are only 21 remaining.




Just want a Tshirt. Very cool. It's a great way to tell the world about one of your favorite singers.



back in the earlier years I was fanatical about belts. i even flashed my kippie belt quite a bit. That's right crystal studs wrapped around my hips. Crazy I know but it worked. I only have one. Get it . wear it. Or keep it for good luck. I'll sign it and send it your way for



my first ever single on radio hit the TEXAS AND OKLAHOMA airwaves in 2013. A song called NOT HERE TONIGHT. There are only about 75 singles discs remaining. These are nicer packaged than what you see even in WM or most record stores what few remain. Get your signed copy and hold on to it. I will not reissue. Youll have a one of a kind with less then 2000 in print.


each while they last


Any disc EP LP single from the 10 list . this is a running standing offer. Ill make more. Just know that they will be a chrome copy and not a glass style. Same great music. Same great sound quality. Just giving you the opportunity to buy only one disk or multiples.




Much of what I have been doing since the last record deal in 2014 has been pretty hush. To date I have been in 5 major motion pictures. My first acting experience turned out to be an amazing once in a lifetime shot. You can see me visually featured in The Free State of Jones. A Matthew McConaughey Gary Ross film. Currently I am poised for one of the worlds biggest rock bands, ever. Waiting on an answer. ALL of the proceeds from this ten day campaign will go to my next studio session beginning July 11th in Music City USA. The primary purpose for this session is to complete what I have expected to share with these Guys. This will be my first ever ROCK EP/LP stylized session and be lead by one of the most compelling Celebrity rock guitarist of our era. And in case you didn't grab it I am stoked and humbled all in one! And as just a reminder Please recognize this is a PRIVATE session and it may ONLY be offered to the very select few of YOU who get the link. For most of my social media has either been or either will be shut down and the few who remain will stay. To commemorate my new found opportunities and successes I am offering a signed copy of THE FREE STATE OF JONES while supplies are available to me get yours along with some of the images of me from my moments in that walk.



a little known showcase event in Nashville was a huge turning point for me musically. I got the rare opportunity to perform this event with most of EARL THOMAS CONLEY'S band including the NOW front man from the PURE PRARIE LEAGUE. It was a huge step and change for me in that Jon, ETC's band leader, showed me how important it was I go back to 440 tuning. He pushed me to push my self even higher than that in my register and had me exploring limits I could had only dreamed of reaching. I am sure this is part of what led me back to my Rock roots and the ability to deliver as such. This private closed door event was held at the then World Famous RUTLEDGE LMV in downtown Nashville Tennessee. I have only 29 of these memorabilia packages left. Youll get the promos and a signed set list from the event along with digital images that have yet to be released. Also for good measure two signed copies of the DYIN FOR LOVE album with cuts from the showcase. One will be the FAN ONLY trifold disc holder that was NEVER released for sale and originally made for core fans only.



For those interested in contributing without receiving any package, hit the TIP button here and move as your heart moves you to. Thank you so very much for helping make this new walk in my music path a reality.